Daily News For March 2, 2006


Lawmakers Still Angered, But Growing Resigned Over Ports Deal. Is The Deal Unblockable After March 2???

Bill Clinton Helped Dubai On Ports Deal Even As Hillary Clinton Publicly Opposed It

Senate Oks Nearly Meaningless Limits To Patriot Act Powers

Bomb Expert: Simple Suicide Unlikely At Stadium Explosion. Analysis Suggests Oklahoma Student Meant To Explode Among 80,000 Fans

Bush, Chertoff Warned Monster Hurricane Could Be Dangerous Before Katrina Hit

Bush Disagrees With South Dakota Abortion Ban Because It Makes No Exceptions For Rape, Incest, Or The Life Of The Mother

Barbour Says He’d Likely Sign Bill To Ban Most Abortions In Miss

72 Year Old Ruth Bader Ginsberg Fell Asleep During Oral Arguments (Time To Retire?)

Recent White House Missteps Create Rift With GOP Legislators


Bush Makes A Surprise Stop In Afghanistan

100,000 “Mostly Muslim” Protestors In India Chant “Death To Bush”

Most Indians Like What The US President Thinks: India Can Become A Great Power

China’s Missile Threat Against Taiwan ‘Unstoppable’

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Jonah Goldberg: The Twinkie Approach To Campaign Finance Reform

Jonah Goldberg: There Is No Such Thing As Crunchy Conservatism (I Agree)

Ann Coulter: Speaking Truth to Dead Horses — My Oscar Predictions (Funny)

Max Boot: Up Close, Iraq Gets Blurry (Free LA Times Reg Req)

Tom McMahon: What I’ve Learned In 15 Years


Talking Fitness With Condoleezza Rice

US Considering ‘Stealth Sharks’

General Nagin — On Horseback

France: Teacher ‘Sends’ Jewish Student To Furnace

‘Penis-Melting Zionist Robot Combs’

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