Daily News For March 23, 2006


British Terrorist Tried To Buy Nuclear Weapon From Russian Mob

A Spanish Judge Has Charged 32 Suspected Islamic Militants Over An Alleged Plot To Blow Up The National Court In Madrid

Britain Pushes For Military Option To Restrain Tehran

President Bush Said Wednesday That He Is “Deeply Troubled” That An Afghan Man Is Being Tried For Converting To Christianity.

Attack on ‘Pro-Israel Lobby’ Has Many Flaws


Reid Threatens Filibuster If Illegal Immigrants Aren’t Rewarded With American Citizenship

Reid Criticizes President Bush As ‘Dangerously Incompetent’

A Man Was Taken Into Custody After Throwing A Suspicious Package Over The White House Fence On Wednesday

GOP Trails Democrats In Senate Fund Raising

Tom Tancredo: Sam Brownback ‘Miserable’ on Illegal Immigration (Give ‘Em Hell Tom)

DJ Fired For Calling Condoleezza Rice ‘Coon’


National Review: An Affront to Civilization In Afghanistan

Ann Coulter: Poll — Most Americans Love Coulter Columns!

Mark Steyn: Down With Stability (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

Robert Samuelson: Why The U.S. Doesn’t Need Guest Workers

Kevin Sites: Child Bride

Chris Edwards: Conservatives Can Rally Around A Spending Cap

Lorie Byrd: The War About More Than Hurt Feelings


Spinal Manipulation – Which Is Used By Chiropractors And Osteopaths In The UK To Treat Neck And Back Pain – Is Of Little Help, Researchers Have Said

Bird Droppings Prompts Orlando Warning Signs

Website Of The Day: Let’s Replace Lincoln Chafee With A Real Republican. Laffey For US Senate.

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