Daily News For March 24, 2006


3 Ungrateful Peace Weenies Rescued By American And British Hostages In Iraq

Rice Calls Karzai on Christian Convert’s Fate

Afghan Judge Won’t Give In To Pressure. Islamic Clerics Say Even If Christian Convert Released, They’ll ‘Cut Off His Head’

A Newly Released Pre-War Iraqi Document Indicates That An Official Representative Of Saddam Hussein’s Government Met With Osama Bin Laden In Sudan On February 19, 1995 After Approval By Saddam Hussein.

At Least 56 Dead In Latest Iraq Violence

Terrorist Doctor Killed 43 Wounded Iraqi Soldiers In Iraq Over A Nine Month Period

Danish Imams Threaten to Blow Up Moderate Muslim Politician

Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf: “All Foreign Militants Should Leave Pakistan, Otherwise They Would Be Crushed.”

Attempts To Break UN Impasse On Iran Stall

A Former Aide Spills The Dirt On Fidel Castro — A Member Of Fidel’s Inner Circle Now Lives In Miami And Is Talking Up A Storm. He Even Knows Why The Cuban Leader Burns His Underwear

12 American Tourists Killed In Chile Bus Crash

U.S. Hiring Hong Kong Co. to Scan Nukes


ABC News Exec: Bush Makes Me Sick

FCC Chief Kevin Martin Yesterday Gave His Support To At&T And Other Telcos Who Want To Be Able To Limit Bandwidth To Sites Like Google, Unless Those Sites Pay Extortion Fee

Barry Bonds Sues Over Book That Reveals Details Of His Steroids Use


An Interview With Fred Barnes

Jonah Goldberg: Right Invasion, Wrong Explanation (Free LA Times Reg Req)

Patrick Hynes: Converting The Humble, The Meek, And The Dems

Larry Elder: The Economy — The Good News Keeps Getting Worse

Michael Graham: Iraq: Just The (Damning?) Facts, Ma’am


Two Sheriff’s Deputies Were Apparently Intentionally Poisoned With Methamphetamine In Their Food

Girl Missing For 10 Years Shows Up

Report: Cosmetics Firm Using Remains Of Executed Chinese

Humor: Beneficial Incompetence?

Humor: 29 Reasons Why America Sucks

Humor: 14 Year Old Who Had Sex With Teacher Seeks Medical Attention For “Excessive High-Fives”

Website Of The Day: The Media Crunch

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