Daily News For March 27, 2006


Officials: Case Dropped Against Afghan Christian

Afghan Paper Calls For Release Of Christian Convert

CAIR Calls For Release Of Afghan Christian

Conversion A Thorny Issue In Muslim World

Britain: An Islamist Terrorist Sold Poisoned Burgers From A Street-Corner Van And Planned To Contaminate Beer At A Football Stadium

Iran to Go Nuclear This Year, Ahmadinejad Says

Iraq Shi’ites Accuse US Troops

US Troops Arrest Iraq Forces

Israeli Army Takes Tough Stand

Thanks, But No Thanks, Some Marines Say To Extra Body Armor


500,000 People, Many Of Them Illegal Immigrants, March In Favor Of Illegal Immigration (Free LA Times Registration)

The 2004 Federal Prison Population Was 180,328 Inmates; Criminal Aliens (47,000) Comprised 27% Of The Total

Tom Tancredo: Illegal Aliens Are “A Scourge That Threatens The Very Future Of Our Nation”

Rice Accepts DJ’s Apology For Accidental Racial Slur

Scalia Said To Slam Detainee Rights At Gitmo

Wife of W.Va. Sen. Byrd Dead at 88 (Sorry To Hear That. RIP)


Mark Steyn: Will We Stick Our Necks Out For His Faith?

Claire Berlinski: Paris Burning, Once Again (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Stephen Hayes: Camp Saddam. What We’ve Learned About Iraq’s Terrorist Training Camps

Joy Jones: ‘Marriage Is for White People’ (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Charles Murray: A Plan To Replace The Welfare State. The Government Should Give Every American $10,000–And Nothing More

Mark Steyn: If The Koran Permits, You Must Acquit (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)


Top 50 Countries
With Highest Proportion Of Atheists

Jerome Corsi & Monica Crowley Allowed To Get Away With Plagiarism?

Harper’s Magazine Has Gone Insane

Liberal Vs. Conservative Scorecard In The Blogosphere

Humor Rap Video: Lazy Munzie (Some Bad Language)

Website Of The Day: David M

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