Daily News For March 28, 2006


Senate Panel Approves Amnesty Bill That Would Allow 11 Million Illegals To Become American Citizens (This Is An Absolute Outrage)

Illegal Aliens Waving Mexican, El Salvadoran, Guatemalan And American Flags Protest On The Freeways In LA

‘Dirty Bombs’ Crossed U.S. Borders in Test

A Study Shows That The Number Of Illegal Immigrants Working Is Rising As More American-Born Workers Are Becoming Unemployed

Bill Clinton’s Chauffeur An Illegal Immigrant

On Stand, Moussaoui Says He Knew Of Plan To Attack W.T.C. (Free NYT Reg Req)

FEC Won’t Regulate Internet Politics (This Is Good News)

UPI Botches Report On Scalia


Afghan Christian Facing Execution Requests Asylum Abroad

Dutch Consider Legalizing Infanticide

Bush Was Set on Path to War, British Memo Say (Free NYT Reg Req — This Is Producing A Lot Of Buzz On The Left, But Its Nothingburger)


Rich Lowry: Jobs Americans Won’t Do? Think Again.

20 Questions With Irshad Manji (Question #17 Is A Little Wacky, But Otherwise, Very Good)

Mark Krikorian: Guest Worker Programs Are A Dead End

National Review: Enforcement First

Robert Novak: How To Erase Earmarks


Pentagon Stays The Course With Laser Weapon

Drilling Into A Hot Volcano

Soldier Returns From Iraq To Surprise: Restored Collectible Car

Sinkhole Swallows Up SUV In New York Street (W/Pics)

Police Raiding A House For Suspected Illegal Drugs Found A 5-Year-Old Boy Weighing Just 15 Pounds, Suffering From Down Syndrome And Sitting In Diapers Full Of His Own Waste. Lice Covered His Body

Alec Baldwin V. Sean Hannity In Radio Donnybrook

Sean Penn Has A Torture Doll Of Ann Coulter (He Sounds Mentally Disturbed)

Website Of The Day: South Park Pundit

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