Daily News For March 30, 2006


FISA Judges Say Bush Within Law

Abramoff Gets Almost 6 Years In Prison

U.S. Ends Undocumented Immigrant Stings

Statehouses Take Up Immigration Legislation

Cynthia McKinney Gets Into Scuffle With Police Officer

US Man In Bush Murder Plot Sentenced To 30 Years

Teen Charged With Felony For E-Mails Threatening Bush

Terrorism Ruled Out In Tap Water Contamination Scare (Ehr, Why Has It Been Ruled Out So Fast?)


Afghan Convert Given Italy Asylum (Applause)

More Christians Arrested in Afghanistan

US Bans Meetings With Hamas


Tony Blankley: Mexican Illegals Vs. American Voters

Debra Saunders: The ‘Immigration Backlash’

Michelle Malkin: Racism Gets A Whitewash

Dale Franks: Illegal Immigration

Bill Frist: Immigration– Security, Yes; Amnesty, No

John Cornyn: Real Insecurity: My Democratic Colleagues Don’t Shoot Straight

Amir Taheri: Mideast Dictators Try To “Wait Bush Out.”

Andrew Mccarthy: Cold Comfort On Islam And Apostasy

Ann Coulter: N.Y. Times, Broken Clock: Both Occasionally Correct


Pics Of Whitney Houston’s Trash And Drug Ridden Bathroom

Will Consumers Have A Beef With Test-Tube Meat?

Video: The World’s Shortest Horror Film

Website Of The Day: The Official Minuteman Civil Defense Core

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