Daily News For March 6, 2006


Jihad In North Carolina: Muslim Attempts To Commit Vehicular Homicide Against Random Students Because Of “Treatment Of Muslims Around The World”

Bush Team Urges Dubai Ports World To Get A U.S. Partner (Good Idea)

Former Congressman Duke Cunningham Gets Eight-Plus Years (Good)

White House Trains Efforts on Media Leaks Sources, Reporters Could Be Prosecuted (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Army To Open Criminal Probe Of Tillman Death

Does Making The 20th Hijacker Listen To Christina Aguilera Constitute Torture?

Network Operators Would Be Barred From Blocking Or Degrading Internet Connections And Favoring Those Of Companies That Pay For Peppier Access, According To A Senate Bill Introduced Thursday. (Applause)

Georgia’s Plan To Tax Illegals Out-Of-Country Wire Transfers Angers Mexico (Interesting Idea)

Pat Robertson Loses Seat On Religious Broadcasters’ Board (The Price You Pay For Being A Big Mouth)


U.S. Commander Says Iraqi ‘Crisis Has Passed’

Military Denies Having Timetable For Withdrawal From Iraq

Iran Negotiator Announces: We Duped West On Nukes

US Warns Iran Of “Painful Consequences” Of Nuclear Ambitions

Nato May Help US Airstrikes On Iran

The Number Of US Soldiers Killed In Action Or Wounded In Iraq Has Gone Down For The 4th Straight Month In A Row

Bush Plays Cricket In Pakistan

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Ralph Peters: Dude, Where’s My Civil War?

Mark Steyn: Long War Is Breaking Down Into Tedium

Cliff May: Hamas Helper

John Leo: Free Speech On The Run In The West

Eduardo Porter: The Search For Illegal Immigrants Stops At The Workplace (Free New York Times Reg Req)

The Washington Post: The Case For Democracy (Free WAPO Reg Req)

John Hinderaker: Is Murtha Nuts?


Jermaine Jackson Admits Jacko’s ‘Thing For Young Children’

Young Workers Fleeing Socialist Utopia A/K/A “Vermont”

US Says Co2 Injection Could Eventually Quadruple Oil Reserves

Spike Lee Whines About Condi

“Reverse Terri Schiavo” Coma Victim Begins Eating, Drumming In Response to Stimuli

Famous Psychiatrist Blows $3 Million On Nigerian Internet Scam

Website Of The Day: Byrd Droppings

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