Daily News For March 8, 2006


House Agrees To Vote On Ports (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Support Builds For Spy Program Proposal

Liberals Seek $60b In Cuts To Defense

Pew Study: 12M Illegal Immigrants in U.S.

Bird Flu A Bigger Challenge Than AIDS, Warns WHO

CIA Fights Libby’s Request For Information

DeLay Wins GOP Nomination


Dick Cheney: We Will Not Allow Iran To Have A Nuclear Weapon

Iraqi Police: 23 Bodies Found In Baghdad

UK Troops Plan Nearly Complete Iraqi Pullout By Mid-2008: General

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Ben Stein: Missed Tributes At The Oscars

John Stossel: The Inescapable Facts On Public Education

Ralph Peters: Iraq — The Untold Truths

Jay Cost: Will Republican Retirements Swing The House?

Victor Davis Hanson: Back to the ’60s Barricades

Leon De Winter: Soft Europe. Is The Continent Willing To Fight For Anything, Besides A Welfare Check?


Vicar Who Can’t Forgive Steps Down From Pulpit

Bill Cosby’s Legal Team Threatens Bloggers

Winter Park, Fla: ‘Feces Smearing’ Fliers Target Mayoral Candidate

Britain: A Medium Has Been Called In To Investigate Reports Of A Ghost That Was Pinching Women’s Buttocks At The Local Pub

Website Of The Day: The Other Side Of Kim

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