Daily News For May 11, 2006


GOP Reaches Deal on Tax Cuts (Free WAPO Reg Req)

April Tax Revenue 2nd-Highest in History (Thank You Tax Cuts)

Senate Plan Devised To Deal With Illegal Immigrant Hiring

Claim: U.S. Border Patrol Officials Provided Office Space Inside Their Headquarters To Mexican Consulate Officials, Allowed The Consulate To Dictate The Agents’ Activities, And Gave The Consulate Information On Ongoing Investigations.

House Panel Supports Bilingual Voting (Boo)

Ariz. Posse To Round Up Illegal Immigrants

Logs Show Abramoff Only Made Two White House Visits

Democrats’ Own Ethics Trouble ‘Dulls The Message’

Transcript Suggests Alleged Rape Victim ID’d Four Duke Lacrosse Players

Michael Luttig Resigns To Work For Boeing


6 Dead In Bombing Of Pakistan Police Academy

British Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, Has Called For The Closure Of The US Detention Camp At Guantanamo Bay

Iran Leader Calls Israel An ‘Evil’ Regime

Mexicans Paid $ 1.8 B In Bribes

Shia Ringtone Sparks Scuffle In Iraqi Parliament


Amir Taheri: Calling For Talks With Iran Is Just Cheap Talk

John Gibson: Iran’s President’s Letter Could Be Mistaken For Dem Talking Points

Byron York: Inside The President’s Terrible Poll Numbers

Ann Coulter: Conservatives Need 12-Step Program To Manhood

Lorie Byrd: All Investigations, All The Time

Michelle Malkin: Hurray For Illegal Aliens With TB!

A Blog Interview With Juan Williams


New York: A 34-Year-Old Woman Has Been Accused Of Raping A 13-Year-Old Boy At Knifepoint

Infant Mortality: The Statistical Scam Continues

Hungary: 150 Pound Catfish Drags Man To Death

Yay For Wifebeating In Jordan And Egypt?

Website Of The Day: Phillip Pidot For New York Senate (A Blogger Running For Office)

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