Daily News For May 15, 2006

Foreign & Domestic

Border Troops Would Be Temporary, US Tells Mexico

Duke Lacrosse DNA: Mystery Man Revealed: Accuser’s Boyfriend Is ‘Single Source’ Of DNA On Vaginal Swab

USA TODAY/Gallup Poll: Americans Oppose The Database 51%-43% (I Think The 63% Approval WAPO/ABC Result Is More Accurate)

Feds Raid Ex-CIA Official’s Home

Hugo Chavez: The ‘Final Hours Of The North American Empire Have Arrived

Laura Bush Doesn’t Believe Bad Polls On Husband

Sen. John McCain Delivered The Commencement Address Saturday At Falwell’s Liberty University (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Sheriff Tells Mexico To Pay Up (Applause)

Legal Immigration: Taking The Long Road. Process To Become U.S. Citizen Keeps A Lot Of Wannabe Americans On Hold For Decades

Rumor Mill Has Illegal Laborers Lying Low (Good)


Tom Tancredo: Come Home Mr. President

Eric Cantor: U.S. Must Control Who Comes Here

Mark Steyn: To Connect The Dots, You Have To See The Dots

Jack Kelly: Unhappy Campers

Peggy Noonan: It May Take A Defeat In November For The GOP To Unlearn The Lessons Of Power

Opinion Journal: The Tax Cut Record. Americans Are Better Off Despite Democratic Naysaying


Contact Your Senator Today And Let Them Know You Oppose Allowing Illegal Aliens To Become Guest Workers Or Citizens Of The United States

Mammoth Extinction Caused By Trees, Study Suggests

Roe Attorney: Use Abortion To ‘Eliminate Poor’. In Unearthed Letter Urged President-Elect Clinton To ‘Reform’ Country

2 Charged With Rape Of Newborn

Website Of The Day: Human Events

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