Daily News For May 16, 2006


GOP Immigration Plan Will Destroy America As We Know It, Allowing 217 Million New Immigrants Over Next 20 Years

Text Of Bush’s Speech On Immigration

CNN Airs Bush Rehearsing Speech Live; Network Calls Mistake

Immigration Quotes In Reaction To The Speech

Congressman Chris Cannon Pays A Price For Being Soft On Illegals

3rd Member of Duke Lacrosse Team Indicted

Cindy Sheehan: “Quit Supporting My Country And Supporting Crimes Against Humanity. You Don’t Spread Peace By Killing People.”


Violence In Brazil Kills More Than 80

U.S. To Renew Diplomatic Ties With Libya

U.S. Bans Arms Sales to Venezuela


Mark Krikorian: Amnesty S.O.S. The Masses Are Revolting

Mac Johnson: Bush’s Message — I Won’t Enforce Laws We Have Until I Get The Laws I Want

Michael Reagan: It’s Time for Bush to Listen to His Base

Jim Geraghty: Conservatives Sitting Out 2006 Hurts The Gop’s Right, Not The RINOs

Thomas Sowell: At Duke, Justice Delayed?

Mark Davis: There’s No Justification For Impeachment

Michael Barone: We Continue To Live In The World Of Thatcher & Reagan


Contact Your Senator Today And Let Them Know You Oppose Allowing Illegal Aliens To Become Guest Workers Or Citizens Of The United States

Democratic Candidate: Holocaust Didn’t Happen

America’s Top Ten Driving Pet Peeves

Wife ‘Didn’t Realise Husband Was A Woman’


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