Daily News For May 2, 2006


Huge Crowds Of Illegal Immigrants March In Nation’s Cities

1500 Illegals Block Traffic And Throw Rocks At Police Officers

Arizona Calls For Crackdown As Immigrants Protest

Rasmussen Polling: 12% Of Americans Favor Amnesty For Illegals. 67% Oppose.

Van Full Of 54 Illegal Immigrants Goes On Wild, Wrong Way Ride In San Diego

Welfare To Kids Of Illegals At $276 Million In LA Alone

Old War Haunts Debate Between Mexico, U.S.

Inside Rush Limbaugh’s Road To Recovery

ACLU Fights To Allow Funeral Protests (If It’s Bad For America, You Can Count On The ACLU’s Support)


Terrorists Massacre 26 In India

Darfur Rebels Frustrate Mediator

Many Basic Functions Of Puerto Rico’s Government Were Unavailable Monday As The U.S. Commonwealth Ran Out Of Money And Imposed A Partial Public-Sector Shutdown

Bolivia Moves To Nationalize Gas Industry


Tom Tancredo: A Day Without An Illegal Immigrant (Brilliant)

Mark Krikorian: Boycott & Backlash

John Fund: Not All Immigration Advocates Support Today’s Protest

Lou Dobbs: Radical Groups Taking Control Of Immigrant Movement

Rush Limbaugh: It’s Over — The Operative Words are “Not Guilty”

Andrew C. Mccarthy & Mark R. Levin: Rush’s Long Nightmare Is Over. A Shameful Investigation Comes To An End.

Shah of Iran’s Heir Plans Overthrow of Regime


New Movie Called ‘Soft Core Eco-Terrorism’ For Kids

46% Of All Blog Posts Are Written In Japanese Or Chinese

Wife Forced Into “Sex Slave” Agreement? Contract Spells Out “Duties Of Servitude” And Punishment Scale

An Aquatic Theme Park In Australia Has Renamed A Species Of Penguins On Exhibit Lest The Birds’ Real Name, Fairy Penguins, Cause Offense To People In The Local Gay Community

Bit Of Finger Mistakenly Served To Diner

Website Of The Day: Lonewacko

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