Daily News For May 22, 2006


Iran Is Just A Few Months Away From Acquiring The Technological Know- How That Will Allow It To Build An Atomic Bomb, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Said In An Interview Broadcast Sunday (If That’s True, They Need To Be Bombed Soon)

Iraqi Premier, Cabinet Sworn In (Free WAPO Reg Req)

An Apparent Attempt To Assassinate Gaza’s Intelligence Chief With A Bomb Planted At His Headquarters Saturday Heightened Tensions Between President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Faction And The Islamic Militant Group Hamas

Saudi School Textbooks Encourage Jihad Against The Infidels

Saudis Jump Aboard Florida School Bus. Police Try To Determine Intent: ‘1 Of The Guys Was Wearing Shorts With A Black Trench Coat’

For Soldiers, Gratitude And Praise From An Iraqi Mayor

Baghdad’s Lionel Richie Obsession


Roughly 10% of Mexico’s Population Is Now Living In The United States

Mexico Works to Bar Non-Natives From Jobs

Bush Is Losing Hispanics’ Support, Polls Show (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Contact Your Senator And Let Him know You Oppose Giving Citizenship To Illegals

Nagin Wins Re-Election As Big Easy Mayor

Democratic National Committee Worked To Defeat Nagin

Democrat William Jefferson Was Caught On Videotape Accepting $100,000 In $100 Bills From An FBI Informant

In House Races, More G.O.P. Seats Look Vulnerable (Free NYT Reg Req)

A Federal Judge Struck Down A 2-Year-Old Law That Prohibits Oklahoma From Recognizing Adoptions By Same-Sex Couples From Other States And Countries.


Mark Steyn: Not Just Immigration: It’s Societal Transformation

Rick Santorum: Where I Stand On The Immigration Bill: Increase Border Security, No Amnesty

Bill O’Reilly: Guarding The Border

Richard A. Viguerie: Bush’s Base Betrayal

Nathanael Blake: Multiculturalism With Entertainment Options

Cathy Seipp: Why I Joined The GOP


Hospice, Again

Texas School Omits ‘In God We Trust’ From Coin On Yearbook Cover

Nothing Wrong With The Ned Lamont/Daily Kos Ad That A Little Script Doctoring Can’t Fix

Gay Anti-Bush Film At Cannes Features The Star Spangled Banner During A Gay Sex Scene

Elton John Says Photographers “Should All Be Shot”

A Woman Rips Off Part Of Her Husband’s Genatalia With Her Bare Hands

Humor: Ask PETA!

Website Of The Day: Grassfire

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