Daily News For May 23, 2006


Immigration Bill Expected To Pass Senate This Week. Hastert May Block Version That Divides House GOP (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Senate Bill Protects Employers Of Illegal Aliens From Penalties

Rep. Peter King: Senate Bill is ‘Amnesty

Former President Clinton Agrees With Bush Immigration Plan

Call Your Senators And Let Them Know What You Think About Illegal Immigration

New Jersey’s Ex-Democratic Gov. Jim McGreevy: I Cruised Truck-Stops For Sex

The DNC Denies That They Opposed Nagin

NYT: State Of Clinton Marriage A Question For Dems


Claim: France, Italy And Germany Sanctioned The Payment Of $45 Million In Deals To Free Nine Hostages Abducted In Iraq

Insurgents Keep U.S. At Bay In Ramadi

Montenegro Votes To Secede From Serbia


Phyllis Schlafly: President’s Immigration Speech Lacks Credibility

Robert Novak: A Hard Bill To Love

Thomas Sowell: Bordering On Fraud

Deroy Murdock: Bush Administration Steers Immigrants Away From English

The Detroit News: Ethanol Won’t Solve U.S. Energy Problems


Soldiers Walking Through American Grass In Iraq For Luck

Lorie Byrd Moves Over To Wizbang

Workers Flee Explosive Fries

Humor: If Men Gave Advice… (Raunchy Subject Matter)

Website Of The Day: Parapundit

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