Daily News For May 25, 2006


Contact Your Senators And Let Them Know What You Think Of The Senate’s Immigration Bill

Vote Coming Up On Sweeping Immigration Bill In The Senate

Senate Backs Job Verification for Immigrants (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Sen Chuck Grassley Unveils Top 10 Flaws With Amnesty And Guest Worker Of Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill

Ariz. Republican, Jeff Flake, Predicts House Won’t Act on Immigration Bill

Hastert Demands FBI Return Document (Good Grief)

Despite Reports To The Contrary, ‘Speaker Hastert Is Not Under Investigation By The Justice Department.’

Nancy Pelosi Requests That William Jefferson Resign From The Ways and Means Committee

Jefferson Refuses to Quit Ways and Means

Claim: Sen. Lindsey Graham, Who Sits On The Judiciary Committee And Is Close To Sen. John McCain, Is Blocking A Nominee To The Federal Bench Whom McCain Opposes

Hillary Backs A Return To A 55 Mile Per Hour Speed Limit

CBS, Stern Settle Breach Of Contract Suit

A.C.L.U. May Block Criticism by Its Board (Free New York Times Reg Req)


Iraq VP Says Blair, Bush To Study Pullout

Iraq’s PM Says He Believes Government Forces Will Be Able To Take Over All Security Responsibilities From Us-Led Coalition Troops Within 18 Months

Iran Requests Direct Talks on Nuclear Program (Free WAPO Reg Req)


Human Events: No Conservative Could Vote For Senate Immigration Bill

John O’Sullivan: The Senate’s Foul Immigration Law. A Product Worthy Of The Revolting Way It Was Made.

Gary Bauer: Bush Needs Bold, Conservative Agenda

Jonah Goldberg: Katrina Revealed Ineptitude—of The Press, That Is

Glenn Reynolds: The Parent Trap. How Safety Fanatics Help Drive Down Birthrates

Michael Warren: Keep ‘America’ In Michigan Schools. State Bureaucrats Want To Do What Stalin, Osama Could Only Dream About (Outageous)

Ann Coulter: Apple-Polisher Shows POW Real Courage

Mary Katharine Ham: In Need Of Moral Clarity


Everest Conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary Has Denounced Fellow Kiwi Climbers For Leaving An Englishman To Die Alone Just Below The Summit

Pill Temporarily ‘Reverses’ Vegetative State

Casey Sheehan’s Father, Patrick, Has Had Enough Of This And Has Quietly Arranged With A Local Monument Company To Erect A Memorial Because Cindy Sheehan Still Hasn’t Put A Marker On Her Son’s Grave

Draft Dodger Reunion Set For This Summer In B.C.

Humor: Jessie Macbeth: Stop The Lies

Humor: An Average Day for the Deputy Chief of Staff

Website Of The Day: Rightwing Nuthouse

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