Daily News For May 3, 2006


US Senate To Make New Try At Immigration Law After Huge Protests

Republicans Set Sights On Aliens’ Employers

Tom Tancredo Pushes On

Aides Say GOP Lawmakers Near Tax Bill Deal

John Bolton To Kucinich On Sy Hersh’s Piece: “I Don’t Have Time To Read Much Fiction”

Mary Cheney Says Her Father Said Exactly What She Wanted To Hear When She Told Him She Was Gay


Iran Will Hit Israel If US Does “Evil”: Agency

Iran ‘Boosts’ Uranium Enrichment

US Could Seek Iran Sanctions Outside UN: Bolton

Top Al-Qaida Leader Captured in Pakistan

Taliban Threat Is Said To Grow In Afghan South (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Baghdad Neighborhood Rises Up And Fights Back

Italian Leader Berlusconi Resigns

Mexico’s Fox To OK Drug Decriminalization Law


Heather Mac Donald: Illegal Immigration Myths

Shelby Steele: Why Is America So Delicate With The Enemy?

Austin Bay: Why Zarqawi Is All Alone

Humberto Fontova: Movie Critics Aghast At Andy Garcia’s The Lost City

Brendan O’Neill: The Shocking Truth About Osama Bin Laden. Apparently, He Reads Our Blogs

Wendy McElroy: False Rape Accusations May Be More Common Than Thought


Poll Shows Many Can’t Find La. On Map

Give A Hero His Due

Couple, 33 And 104, Reportedly Marry

Electronic Road Signs And Me

Man Glued To Toilet At Wal-Mart

Website Of The Day: Potfry

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