Daily News For May 31, 2006


Rep. King: Immigration Bill Is Dead

Border Patrol Union Boss: Senate Bill Is “Amnesty On Steroids”

Arizona: A State-Sponsored Child-Care Training Program Will Be Presented In English Instead Of Spanish After Complaints From Some Of The People Who Were Planning To Attend

Lawmakers Get Bricks In The Mail

Treasury Secretary John Snow Has Resigned And Will Be Replaced By Goldman Sachs Chairman Henry M. Paulson Jr.

Bush’s Treasury Nominee Gave To Dems

Supreme Court Limits Public Employees’ Speech Rights 5-4 (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Jury Finds Muhammad Guilty In Sniper Trial

California Backs Plan To Give Presidential Votes On Popular Vote

Someone At Reuters Has Been Suspended For Sending An Email To Little Green Footballs Saying, “I Look Forward To The Day When You Pigs Get Your Throats Cut”


22 Nations Help With Indonesian Quake

49 Killed in String of Attacks In Iraq

Israelis Strike In Gaza

Pedophiles Launch Own Political Party In The Netherlands


Mark Steyn: Boat People

Mac Johnson: Let Illegal Aliens Support Amnesty RINOs

Cal Thomas: Lessons From The Immigration War

Pierre Legrand: Trust An Easy Thing To Lose. Why Did President Bush Fritter It Away On Illegal Immigration?

Walter Williams: Economics Of Prices

Thomas Sowell: Preserving the Liberal Vision


Casey Sheehan Finally Has A Gravestone

Five Robbers With A Shotgun Try To Jump An Ex-Marine With A Knife. Guess Who Won?

Contribute To John Jacob, A Tough On Illegal Immigration Conservative Taking On Pro-Amnesty Squish Chris Cannon In A Primary Later This Month

Jogger Snatches His Dog Out Of Alligator’s Mouth

Al Gore Has A New Movie Coming Out Called “An Inconvenient Truth.” Photoshop Some Other Inconvenient Truths From Al Gore’s Life

Funny Video: Darth Vader Explains What Happened To The Death Star (Some Profanity)

Website Of The Day: Wizbang Politics

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