Daily News For May 8, 2006


Bush Says He Would Like To Close Guantanamo (WHAT???)

Exit Of C.I.A. Chief Viewed As Move To Recast Agency (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Some Lawmakers Wary Of General Running The CIA

Democrats Plan Probes Of Bush Administration If It Wins The House (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Republican Right Abandoning Bush — 45 Percent Of Self-Described Conservatives Disapprove Of President

Poll: Fox Most Trusted News Source In U.S.

Bush Names First Black Judge to Tenth Circuit

Girl, 13, Admits Sex With 7 Wasn’t Forced


Claim: Israel Foils Plot To Kill Palestinian President

42 Killed Or Found Dead In Iraq Violence

Iraqis Cheer British ‘Copter Crash

Chavez Wants Vote on Governing Until ’31 (Big Surprise He’s Looking For Cover To Hide A Dictatorship Behind)

French Watergate Threatens Chirac

Poisoned Mossad Chocolate Killed PFLP Leader In 1977, Says Book

Egypt Arrests A Prominent Blogger


Robert Novak: Mehlman’s Warning

Rich Lowry: Civilian Courts The Wrong Place To Deal With Terrorists

Amr Hamzawy: Al-Qaeda Faces An Ideological Crisis

Mark Steyn: Moussaoui Gets Life, The Terrorists Win

Charlie Cook: Circling The White House (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Hala Jaber: Part Of Me Died When I Saw This Cruel Killing


Bush’s Best Moment In Office? Reeling In Big Perch

Titanic’s Last American Survivor, 99, Dies

Tim Blair Fisks Kos

Eating Mud Pies In Haiti

Website Of The Day: Protein Wisdom

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