Daily News For Nov 1, 2006


Video: Bush — “Kerry Comments Insulting and Shameful” (Agreed)

American Legion to Sen. Kerry: Apologize Now

AMVETS Calls On Senator Kerry To Apologize To Troops

McCain: Kerry Should Apologize

White House, Kerry Exchange Accusations (The Mask Slipped And Kerry Told Everyone What He Really Thinks Of The Troops (Again). Now, He Is Trying To Play It Off As A Botched Joke)

More Kerry Magic!

Al Qaeda Operative Jose Padilla Has Asked A Florida Judge To Dismiss The Terrorism Case Against Him, Saying He Was Tortured And Force-Fed Psychedelic Drugs While Held At A U.S. Military Brig

Katie Couric’s CBS News Mired in Last Place


Iraqi PM Ends Some Joint Checkpoints In Sadr City

Pakistan Gunships Kill 80 At Religious School

Militants Blame U.S. For Pakistan Strike

London’s Mayor Ken Livingstone Supports Allowing A Man Convicted Of Terrorist Activities In Yemen To Work For A Tube Contractor (Madness)

Spanish Aid Worker Kidnapped In Gaza Is Freed


The NRSC Has Bought At Least $800,000 Of TV Ad Time In MI Sen Targeting Dem Sen. Debbie Stabenow

Bouchard Calls On Kerry To Apologize To U.S. Troops

Heavy Coverage At Midterm Favors Democrats, Study Says (Big Surprise There)

Scandal Rocks Nevada Governor’s Race

For The First Time Since Before Watergate, The New York Times Endorsed No Republicans For Election To Congress This Year

George Allen’s Supporters Slam Blogger To Ground After Question (The Blogger Hinted That He Would Attempt To Provoke Allen Before The TV Cameras)


Michelle Malkin: The Democrats’ Military Disdain

John O’Neill: ‘Soulless’ Kerry Lacks Honor, Patriotism

John Stossel: Birdwatching, Government Style

Paul Greenberg: The long view — of war and public opinion

Walter Williams: Diversity adulation

Mary Katharine Ham: Hey, Liberals! Lecture Me About Racism When You’ve Stopped Creating More Of It


Woman’s Death At Hands Of ‘Gay’ Her Fault, Says Lawyer. Trial Begins Over Death Of Christian Who Questioned Homosexual Lifestyle Choice

Concertgoer Throws Drink At Streisand

Maine Lawyer Arrested After He Dressed Up As Al Qaeda Leader
Osama Bin Laden And Waved A Fake Gun At Traffic

Pics From The ANSWER March and Rally (They’re Not The Loyal Opposition, They’re On The Other Side)

Video: Kerry Smart

Website Of The Day: QandO

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