Daily News For Nov 6, 2006


Saddam Hussein Sentenced To Death

Bush Hails Verdict As Milestone for Iraq

Henchmen Join Tyrant On Gallows

Israel Presses On With Offensive

Jews And Arabs Can Never Live Together, Says Israel’s Vice PM

Soldiers in Iraq Say Pullout Would Have Devastating Result (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Pakistani Air Force Link To Failed Hit On Musharraf

Report: Blair To Quit Aug ’07

Australian Govt Says Kyoto Ineffective


Elizabeth Dole: Democrats Content To Lose In Iraq

Iraq Foes Would Head Democrat War-Spending Panels

Economy Going ‘Gangbusters,’ Cheney Says

Obama Regrets Deal With Shady Character

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Democrats: ‘No comment’ on terrorists’ endorsement

Dems Embrace Anti-War Hoaxer

2,600 Dead People Have Voted In New York

Steele to WaPo: Eat It


Rudy Giuliani: Republicans Should Stay Optimistic and On Offense

Mark Steyn: Saddam To Swing

Bill O’Reilly: A No-Win Situation

Ken Mehlman: For Republicans

Keith Kelly: Kerry’s Troop ‘Joke’ Is Typical Of Left


India: 3 Months Old Baby Charged With Armed Robbery

Croc Hunter’s Bloody Death Now A Musical Comedy (Ugh)

Website Of The Day: Free Republic

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