Daily News For November 1, 2005


The Text Of Bush And Scalito’s Comments Yesterday Morning

James Dobson: “We Are Extremely Pleased By President Bush’s Selection Of Judge Samuel Alito…”

Explaining Alito’s Dissent In The Planned Parenthood v. Casey

CBS Reporter To White House: Alito ‘Sloppy Seconds?’

Chris Matthews Whacks For Bringing Up ‘Ethnically Charged’ Alito Issue

Did The ‘Ethnically Charged’ Document Come From The DNC?

Top Ten Kos Kidz Reactions To The Alito Nomination

Samuel Alito’s Mother: “Of Course He’s Against Abortion.”


U.S. Senator Tom Coburn’s Fiscal Watch Team Unveils Plan to Pay for Katrina Spending. Goal: To Save Americans $130 Billion Over The Next Two Years

Hutchison, DeLay Cases Have Parallels

DeLay Reports Record Funds For Defense

NASA Sets Schedule For Handling Asteroid Threat. Letter Suggests Probe In 2019 And Deflector By 2028 … If Needed

Sen. Jon Kyl Responds: Time Article Falsely Accused Him Of Taking Down Miers Nomination

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


President Vladimir Putin Said Monday He Won’t Seek A Third Term In But Vowed Not To Allow “Destabilization” In Russia Following The Vote (Is A Dictatorship In The Works?)

Israel Sees Star Of David Service Joining Red Cross

An Iraqi City Becomes Turnaround Story


Michael Barone: Why Democrats Won’t Want To Oppose Samuel Alito

George Will: Let the Great Debate Begin

The Washington Times: A Supreme Nomination

Jack Kelly: Democrats Today Must Feel Like Snidely Whiplash

Cathy Seipp: I Have Lung Cancer

David Limbaugh: Libby Indictment A Political Dud

Victor Davis Hanson: If The Problem Is Muslim Terror, Then What?

Heather Mac Donald: Mexico’s Undiplomatic Diplomats


Woody Allen says his relationship with wife Soon-Yi Previn has a “more paternal feeling” (Gross)

Greenpeace Is To Be Fined After Its Flagship Rainbow Warrior Ii Damaged A Coral Reef In The Central Philippines During A Climate Change Awareness Campaign

Humor: Senator Feinstein Prepares For The Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings On Samuel Alito (Hilarious, But Some Bad Language)

Website Of The Day: Judgealito.com

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