Daily News For November 10, 2005


Voters Approved Ballot Measures To Ban Handguns In San Francisco And Urge The City’s Public High Schools And College Campuses To Keep Out Military Recruiters

Voters Soundly Reject Election Changes In Ohio

Evolution Slate Outpolls Rivals In Pennsylvania (Free NYT Reg Req)

New York’s Republican Mayor Michael Bloomberg Won By A Record Margin

GOP Leaders Drop Hotly Debated Anwr Drilling Plan From Omnibus Budget Bill (GOP Wimps Lose Again)

Scooter Libby Defense Fund Opens

Judith Miller Is Out At The Times (Free NYT Reg Req)

State Prosecutor In Florida Still Fishing For A Way To Charge Rush Limbaugh With A Crime


Suicide Bombers Kill 18 At Jordan Hotels

French Rioting Now Down To 116 Towns

Belgium Plays Down 3rd Night Of Violence

Aussie Terrorists Had Stockpiled Enough Chemicals To Make At Least 15 Large Bombs To Be Used Against Selected Targets

Religious Persecution In China Has Reached The Point That Distributing Bibles Is Earning A Three-Year Prison Sentence

Blair Defeated Over Terror Laws

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The Washington Times: McCain’s Mistake — The So-Called “Torture Amendment”

Norman Podhoretz: Who Is Lying About Iraq

Michael Barone: The 2005 Election Results

John Miller: How The 2006 Senate Races Will Shape Up

Joel Kotkin: Why Immigrants Don’t Riot Here

Tony Blankley: Islamist Threat in France

Reuel Marc Gerecht: Valerie Wilson & The Sloppy Spooks

Ann Coulter: Clooney And McCarthy

Jonah Goldberg: Questioning The Patriotism Of The Media


Cheerleader Denies Have Sex in Restroom

Blogger Joanne Jacobs Has A New Book: Our School: The Inspiring Story of Two Teachers, One Big Idea, and the School That Beat the Odds

Website Of The Day: The Americans For Prosperity Blog

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