Daily News For November 11, 2005


Paris Riots Losing Steam. “Only” 482 Car Burnings, Two Schools Damaged, And Two Power Plants Sabotaged In France Last Night.

Aussie Treasurer Peter Costello: “If You Are Somebody Who Wants To Live In An Islamic State Governed By Sharia Law You Are Not Going To Be Happy In Australia, Because Australia Is Not An Islamic State, Will Never Be An Islamic State And Will Never Be Governed By Sharia Law.”

Hundreds Of Angry Jordanians Rallied After Terror Attack, Shouting, “Burn In Hell, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi!”

Saudi Books Aim To Divide U.S. Muslims, ‘Infidels,’ Congress Told


Senate Approves Limiting Rights Of U.S. Detainees (Free NYT Reg Req)

McCain Urges Changes To Iraq Strategy (The Blowhard Plays To The Press Again)

RINOS In The House Attempt To Block Budget Cuts

San Diego To Appeal Cross Decision. Judge Nullified Citizens’ 75% Vote To Maintain Landmark

Pentagon Firing Link To Able Danger

Gonzales: Justices Shouldn’t Cite Foreign Laws

Recruiting Brightens For Army

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Mark Steyn: It’s The Demography, Stupid (Free Spectator Reg Req)

Jonah Goldberg: Torture

David Warren: The New Old Europe

Dick Morris: Paris’ Harvest Of Socialism

Victor Davis Hanson: Europe Is No Heaven On Earth


Marines Celebrate 230 Years Of ‘Special Operations’

Is Wal-Mart Hostile To Christmas?

Cleveland: Police Say Mom Sold 2-Year-Old For $2,000

The 24-Year-Old Woman Found Guilty On Thursday Of Forcing Sex On A Sleeping Man Has Been Sentenced To Eight Months In Prison By A Bergen Court

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