Daily News For November 13, 2006


Democrats Say Will Push For Iraq Withdrawal

Pelosi Puts Weight Behind Murtha In Leader Bid

Pelosi Has Also All But Decided She Will Not Name The Ranking Democrat On The House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif.) To Chair That Panel Next Year

Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele Says He Would Be Interested In Chairing The Republican National Committee, If The Job Offer Comes His Way

Lieberman Refuses To Close Door On Switching Parties

Texas Town Considers Anti-Illegals Bill


Israeli Prime Minister Olmert: Ahmadinejad Must Be Stopped

Palestinian Terrorists Vowed To Deal With The US As An Enemy After The Veto Of A UN Security Council Resolution Condemning An Israeli Artillery Barrage

China Sub Secretly Stalked U.S. Fleet

U.S.: Castro Has Terminal Cancer


Michael Barone: Post-Thumpin’ Politics

President Bush: Will President Bush Lurch Left?

Mark Steyn: U.S. Must Prove It’s A Staying Power

Robert Novak: Stupid Party Decides


Elton John: ‘I Would Ban Religion Completely’

Cindy Sheehan, I Will Live To 1000

See GI Jane Taped To A Pole; Troop Video Raises Eyebrows

Sacha Baron Cohen / Borat Punched In The Face By Angry American He Was Trying To Prank (Now That’s Funny)

40 Things That Only Happen In Movies

Website Of The Day: Althouse

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