Daily News For November 15, 2006


Iran Says Nuke Program Is Near Complete

Plutonium Found in Iran Waste Facility (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Netanyahu: It’s 1938 and Iran is Germany; Ahmadinejad is preparing another Holocaust

Gunmen Kidnap Up to 150 in Baghdad

International Lawyers File Suit Against Rumsfeld In Germany

Blair – We Must Work With ‘Axis Of Evil’ States

Claim: Fox News Reporters Freed For $2 Million. Terrorists Used Cash For Arms To ‘Hit Zionists,’ Payment Said To Encourage More Abductions

S. Africa Parliament OKs Gay Marriages

John Thune: Victory Still Possible In Iraq (Of Course It Is)


Dem Congress May Scrap Border Fence

Filibuster Guest-Worker Program. Arizona’s Kyl Believes There Might Be Enough Votes To Block Legislation

Rudy Giuliani Has Set Up An Exploratory Committee – The Traditional First Step In The Long Slog Towards The White House

Time Knowingly Publishes Incorrect Caption On Photo

Abramoff Reports to Prison Tomorrow; Offers Testimony on 6-8 Democratic Senators & Rove

Boxer Plans Senate Hearings On Global Warming

Patty Murray to Lead Democratic Caucus

Event Told Of Accuser In Lacrosse Rape Case. Former Strip Club Manager Says Woman Had A Blackout

Giant Sucking Sound: Perot Goes To Mexico

Maryland Council Passes English Only Measure

Kilroy Urges Voters To Follow Up. 3,600 Votes Behind, She Wants Every Provisional Counted

Florida Democrat Puts More Faith in Polls Than Election Results

Video: Jack Kingston Makes His Pitch For Republican Conference Chairman

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Frank Luntz: A Tidal Wave Of Change

Victor Davis Hanson: A Lot At Stake In Iraq

David Limbaugh: Back To The Basics

Kay Hymowitz: The Trash Princess — Why Americans Love To Hate Paris Hilton


1 Percent of Web Deemed Pornographic

Going Into A 120 Degree Below Zero Room To Improve Your Health

Knox Co. Commissioner Stands Up To Gunman’s Robbery Attempt

Britney Divorce Stunner: Sex Tape In Play? Report: K-Fed Threatening To Sell It And Has Been Offered $50M

Driver Threatens Police With Snake

Greg Gutfeld On Video: Liberal Blogs And Al-Qaeda Sending The Same Message?

Humor: John Kerry Tries To Tell Other Jokes (Hilarious)

Humor: Caribou Sour On Democratic Agenda

Website Of The Day: The Corner

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