Daily News For November 17, 2006


Abramoff Reports to Prison; Officials Focus on Reid, Others

House Democrats Name Pelosi Speaker

House Democrats Name Hoyer To No. 2 Over Murtha Post By A Wide Margin (149-86)

Leadership Candidate Putnam Wants To Know: Where Were The Rednecks?

A Man Was Arrested At Detroit Metropolitan Airport After Officials Say They Found Him Carrying More Than $78,000 In Cash And A Laptop Computer Containing Information About Nuclear Materials And Cyanide.

Time Magazine Gets Caught Lying

US: Immigrants May Be Held Indefinitely

A Nevada Town Bans Flying Foreign Flags

Sandra Day O’connor: “Every Member Of The Supreme Court Received A Wonderful Package Of Home-Baked Cookies, And I Don’t Know Why, The Staff Decided To Analyze Them. Each One Contained Enough Poison To Kill The Entire Membership Of The Court.”

Sienna 2008 Poll: In New York, Giuliani Loses To Clinton By 14 Points. McCain Loses To Hillary By 19 Points


Ahmadinejad Says Iran Ready For ‘Final Nuclear Step’ (Why Aren’t We Bombing Them Again?)

Top General Hits Pullout Plan By Democrats

Jimmy Carter Could Lead U.N. Investigation of Israel


Ann Coulter: Desperate Congresswomen Of Hysteria Lane

Amir Taheri: Double-Edged Uncertainty

John Gizzi: Third Time for RNC ‘Collective Leadership’

Charles Krauthammer: Can the Iraqis Keep Their Republic?


John Edwards: Wal-Mart Is Really, Really Bad Until I’m Jonesin’ For a New PS3

O.J. Spills His Guts In TV Tearfest ‘Consider This His Confession’

Judith Regan On The OJ Book She Published: “I Didn’t Know What To Expect When I Got The Call That The Killer Wanted To Confess.”

KFed’s Shower-Door Letter To Britney…

Lawmaker Turns Into Lawman For The Day. Burchett Nabs Teens He Says Were Breaking Into Warehouse On Amherst

Hollywood Star Jolie Stuck In Islamic School After Scuffle

Notable Quotables From The Mainstream Media After The Republican Big Win In 1994

Lawyer Argues Sex With Dead Deer Not Crime

Video: Robot Sentries

Vlog: The Latest Ham Nation — The Dysfunctional Exes of American Politics (This Is Great)

Website Of The Day: Hugh Hewitt

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