Daily News For November 22, 2005


CNN Marks Cheney: Network Flashes ‘X’ Over VP’s Face During Live Speech

The Text Of Dick Cheney’s Outstanding Speech On The War Yesterday

Hillary Clinton Publicly Disagrees With Murtha. Opposes Withdrawal


Hizbollah Fighters Killed In Raid On Israel

Hezbollah Rockets Blast Into Israel. Jewish Residents Hide In Bomb Shelters As Military Responds

Gingrich Sees Iran Threat To U.S. Like Nazi Germany

N. Korea Said To Aid Iran Missile Project

U.S., Europe Won’t Push For Move On Iran Yet

Ambassador Says France ‘Back To Normal’

Claim: Margaret Thatcher Threatened to Use Nukes During Falkland Islands War

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Jim Dunnigan: Journalism Versus Reality In Iraq

Ralph Peters: How To Lose A War (Free NYP Reg Req)

Michael Barone: The Very Big Lie

Robert Novak: Counterattacking For Alito

John Fund: Pelosi’s Poodles. “Blue Dog” Democrats Go To Obedience School

Mark Steyn: Listen To The Word On The ‘Arab Street’


Designer Giving $215 Specialty Sneakers To Illegal Immigrants For Border Run

Teen’s Mannequin Love-In

Humor: Detonation Is Temporary, Pride Is Forever

Humor: Al-Zarqawi, Wal-Mart Employee Of The Month

Website Of The Day: The Truth Laid Bear

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