Daily News For November 23, 2005


Israeli Warplanes Strike Targets In Lebanon

Pentagon Authorities Also Have Set A Series Of “Decision Points” During 2006 To Consider Further Force Cuts That, Under A “Moderately Optimistic” Scenario, Would Drop The Total Number Of Troops From More Than 150,000 Now To Fewer Than 100,000, Including 10 Combat Brigades, By The End Of The Year

The White House Has Dismissed Claims George Bush Was Talked Out Of Bombing Arab Television Station Al-Jazeera By UK Prime Minister Tony Blair

U.S. Ends North Korea Reactor Project

Some Iraqi Leaders Call For Pullout Timetable


An Arab-American College Student Was Convicted Tuesday Of Joining Al-Qaida And Plotting To Assassinate President Bush

CNN: The X In Front Of Cheney’s Face Was A “Technical Malfunction”

The Vatican Says Homosexuals Who Are Sexually Active Or Support “Gay Culture” Are Unwelcome In The Priesthood

The Only Witness In A Death Row Case Recants Long After The Execution

Scalia Raps Gore For ’00

US Greenhouse Gas Output Falls

US Sues Missouri Over Voters In 2004 Election (Free NYT Reg Req)

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Brendan Miniter: John Murtha Unites The Republicans

Robert Samuelson: The Newest Medicare Benefit Is Confusing And Costly. It May Not Be Much Of A Political Boon To The People Who Created And Promoted It

Daniel Weintraub: Budget Forecast Looks Good For Arnold (Good Job Arnold)

John Stossel: Fast Food Justice Isn’t Good Justice


Make Your Nominations For The 2005 Weblog Awards

World’s Ugliest Dog Dies At 14

A Village Council In Pakistan Has Decreed That Five Young Women Should Be Abducted, Raped Or Killed For Refusing To Honour Childhood “Marriages”

Guwahati: Two People Chopped Onto Pieces For Allegedly Practicing Witchcraft

Website Of The Day: Tigerhawk

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