Daily News For November 3, 2005


US Bids Farewell To Civil Rights Icon Rosa Parks

House Declines to Exempt Political Web Sites From Spending Rules

Molotov Cocktail Flies At Anti-Bush Rally In Downtown San Francisco

Poll: Schwarzenegger Ballot Measures Lagging

Denver Voters OK Marijuana Possession (Boo!)

Colo. Voters Suspend Taxpayer Rights Bill (There Goes Bill Owens’ Chance To Be President)

‘Party Trumps Race’ For Steele Foes

Aaron Brown Out At CNN

A Heavily Slanted CBS Poll For


The Gang Of 14 Doesn’t Seem To Be Likely To Support A Filibuster

The Latest Gallup Polling On Samuel Alito

Samuel Alito Has Some Unexpected Supporters (Free LA Times Reg Req)

In 3 Of 4 Cases, Supreme Court Nominee Alito Voted On The Side Of Abortion Rights

NYT Praises Prosecutor Alito

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Omar Al-Faruq, One Of Al Qaeda’s Most Senior Global Operatives, Escaped From An American Military Prison In Afghanistan In July

In a Sign of Optimism, Iraqis Spending More (Free LA Times Reg Req)

Iran Sacks Diplomats In Purge Of Reformers


Ann Coulter: Alito Nominated, Democrats Hide From Base

Jeff Jacoby: The Good News From Iraq Is Not Fit To Print

Byron York: A Crushing Disappointment For The Dems

Rush Limbaugh: What Democrats Said About Iraq’s WMDs


The New York Times Selectively Edits A Soldier’s Last Letter Home

‘Gay’ Activists ‘Terrorize’. Focus Conference. Police Barricade Entrance As Enraged Crowd Shouts ‘Shut It Down’

Smart Black Students Being Accused Of “Acting Too White”

Gasoline Costs Since 1976 In 2005 Dollars

Website Of The Day: Small Dead Animals

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