Daily News For November 30, 2005


Hillary Clinton: Iraq War Vote A Mistake

Harry Reid Publicly Claims Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

RT Strategies: 70% Of People Surveyed Said That Criticism Of The War By Democratic Senators Hurts Troop Morale — With 44 Percent Saying Morale Is Hurt “A Lot,”. 55% Of Democrats Believe Criticism Hurts Morale(Free Wapo Reg Req)

George Bush: “Congressman Cunningham Is Going To Realize That He Has Broken The Law And Is Going To Pay A Serious Price, Which He Should.”

Hastert Wants Capitol Holiday Tree Changed To ‘Christmas,’ Tree (Applause)

Liberals Can’t Solidify Alito Opposition

Vatican Paper: Homosexuality Destabilizes Society


More Iraqi Battalions ‘In The Lead’ Against Rebels

4 Peace Activists Taken Hostage In Iraq

Bush: Early Iraq Exit Would Be a Mistake

Congressman Jack Kingston: **LIVE** From Iraq

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Mark Steyn: PC Reels Away

Michael Fumento: White (Phosphorous) Lies

Rich Lowry: Bush’s Bait. The President On Immigration

Lorie Byrd: Set The Record Straight On Iraq

Dante Chinni: Republican Woes Won’t Rescue Democrats From Their Confusion

Joe Lieberman: America Can’t Abandon 27 Million Iraqis To 10,000 Terrorists


Groups Protest Cannibalism In Video Games

A Russian Lawyer Plans To Take His Case Against The Simpsons To The European Court Of Human Rights

Nominations For The 2005 BadBlog Awards

Humor: Flannels Media: Flogjam #1

Website Of The Day: Performancing — Helping Bloggers Succeed

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