Daily News For November 7, 2005


Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely Says Wilson ‘Outed’ Wife In 2002. Disclosed In Casual Conversations A Year Before Novak Column

Joe Wilson Fumes Over Vallely Charges

Sen. John Kerry, The Democratic Presidential Candidate In 2004, Has Told Acquaintances Over The Past Year That He Suspects That The Election Was Stolen

Sen. Biden: Alito Filibuster Unlikely

Gas Prices Drop An Average Of 23 Cents In The Last 2 Weeks

President Bush Is Sending His Staff Back To School — Ethics School

McCain Vows To Add Torture Ban To All Major Senate Legislation (McCain Is An Arrogant Fool)

Michael Schiavo Endorses Democratic Candidate For Governor In Virginia, Tim Kaine

Cindy Sheehan’s Anti-War Marine Buddy, Jimmy Massey, Is A Liar

Guardsman Re-Enlists, Pentagon Kills Bonus. Officers From State Try To Restore $15,000 Benefit


French Urban Violence Worsens: 1,300 Cars Torched, 300 Arrests

Police Find Bomb Making Factory In Paris

Chirac Vows Arrests And Trials In Riots

Will The Riots Swell The Ranks Of Jihadists In Europe

Pirates Open Fire On US Cruise Ship Off Somalia

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Mark Steyn: Wake-Up Europe, You’ve Got A War On Your Hands

Bill Kristol: Fight Back Mr. President

Allan H. Ryskind: Democrats Push Big Lie About War

Jack Kelly: About That Iraq ‘Deception’

Kathleen Parker: Parents Take Another Hit In The Culture Wars


Great Pics From A San Francisco Anti-War Rally

Game: Streetball Showdown

Project Valour-IT: Voice-Activated Laptops For OUR Injured Troops

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