Daily News For Oct 19, 2006


Survey USA: Steele 46% vs. Cardin 46%

McCaskill Campaign Implicated In ACORN Voter Fraud Scandal

DNC Takes Out Loan For DSCC

George Allen Press Release: Daily Kos Gives Webb Over $130,000 In Tainted Money. Webb Joins Forces With Liberal Blog That Gloats About Contractors Mutilated In Iraq

Mike Tyson Campaigns For Michael Steele (Ugh)

Mike Bouchard’s Latest Ad

A New Ad For Joe Negron

Michael Steele: Show Them The Door

N.C. Congressional Candidates Debate Sex


President Bush Signs Law Setting Interrogation Standards

FBI Yet To Find Evidence Of Foley-Page Sexual Contact

McCain Jokes About Suicide If Democrats Win Senate

Democrat Makes Unsupported Claim That Republican Senator Is Gay

Bush Accepts Tet Comparison

Unprovable Claim: Marilyn Monroe Murdered

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


N. Korea Informs China Of Plan To Conduct 3 More Nuke Tests

9 U.S. Troops Killed In Iraq Bombings

Israel Occupies Egypt-Gaza Border Areas


Dennis Prager: Some Sobering Lessons From Muslim Taxi Drivers

Doug Patton: How Dare You Not Vote!

Jed Babbin: What Will Happen To America If The Dems Win

Robert Novak: Democrats On Track To Pick Up 20 House Seats

Ann Coulter: OJ Trials For Terror


The Lonely View From The Top In The World Of Warcraft

Jonah Golberg: The Consequences Of Liberal Outings

Liberal Burial Ground Unearthed

Video: Hillary’s Junk In The Trunk

Mary Katharine Ham’s First Vlog

Humor: It’s the Homos, Stupid. An Open Letter to the Conservative-American Community From Howard Dean

Website Of The Day: Murtha Must Go

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