Daily News For Oct 20, 2005

Harriet Miers

The Supreme Court Nomination Of Harriet E. Miers Suffered Another Setback On Wednesday When The Republican And Democratic Leaders Of The Senate Judiciary Committee Asked Her To Resubmit Parts Of Her Judicial Questionnaire, Saying Various Members Had Found Her Responses, “Inadequate,” “Insufficient,” And “Insulting.” (Free NYT Reg Req)

Miers Doesn’t Report Prior Business Interest On Questionnaire

Harriet Miers Has Reported A Second Incident In Which She Failed To Pay Bar Dues, Resulting In A Short Suspension From The Bar

The New Spin: From A Former Deputy Assistant To President Bush, Brad Blakeman — Conservative Miers Critics “Far Right,” “Fringe”

Newsview: Strategy On Miers Backfiring

William Kristol Brings Case Against Miers To Town

Miers Confirmation Hearings Scheduled To Start On Nov. 7


Sheehan Thrashing ‘War Hawk’ Hillary. Cindy Tears Into Clinton For Iraq Support, Compares Her To Radio’s Rush Limbaugh (Funny)

Claim: Rove Told Jury Libby May Have Been His Source In Leak Case (Free WAPO Reg Req)

New York Times Profit Drops 52%

Jeanine F. Pirro, Who Is Seeking To Unseat Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton Next Year Rips Democrats In New York For Being Soft On Sex Offenders (Free NYT Reg Req — Applause)

Republican Curt Weldon On Able Danger, From The Senate Floor: “Scum At The Pentagon Are Spreading Malicious Lies.”

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, Chief Of Staff To Mr Powell: Cheney Cabal Hijacked Foreign Policy

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Saddam Pleads Innocent, Gets Into Scuffle, Trial Adjourned Until Nov. 28

Some Witnesses ‘Too Scared’ For Saddam Trial

Iraq Arrests Saddam’s Nephew In Baghdad

Rice Won’t Rule Out Syria Military Option


Dick Morris: Sending A Lawyer To Do A Judge’s Work

W.C. Varones: Harriet Miers Has A Crafty Pattern Of Telling People Exactly What They Want To Hear

Ann Coulter: Who Was The 2nd Choice?

Robert Novak: The Vulnerable Nominee

Peggy Noonan: How Bush Can Save Bush

John Miller: Meet The Lincoln Chafee Alternative The GOP Wants To Stop

John Stossel: Myths About Gun Control

Victor Davis Hanson: Battles Change, Wars Don’t (Free LA Times Reg Req)


Burglar Gets Wedged In A Window And Dies Of Asphyxiation

Joan Rivers Gets Into Shouting Match Over Race (Free LA Times Reg Req)

Website Of The Day: Galley Slaves

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