Daily News For Oct. 5th, 2006


US Border Fence Signed Into Law

Dow Hits 2nd Straight Record-High Close

Pennsylvania Man Charged Al Qaeda Plot Attempt

Court Says Eavesdropping Program Can Continue

Libs Rush The Stage To Prevent The Minutemen From Speaking

Brent Scowcroft: Bob Woodward Made Up Quotes Attributed To Me

Foley Scandal

Ex-Aide To Foley Says He Alerted Hastert’s Office That Foley Was “Way Too Friendly” Toward The Pages”. Hastert’s Chief Of Staff Says It Never Happened (Free WAPO Reg Req)

House GOP Leaders Ask For Probe Into Alleged Foley Dorm Visit

ABC Online Glitch Leads To Identity Of Foley Accuser. Infamous IM Sex Chat Exchange Was With 18 Year Old

Alexander Backs Off Claim Hastert Knew

Pence Defends GOP Leaders In Page Scandal

More Foley Fallout: The Gay GOP Witchhunt Begins

Ally Calls For Hastert To Suspend Page Program

The Bogus Blog Behind Foley’s Fall


China Tried To Poach Supergun Inventor

Britain: Muslim Police Officer Has Been Excused From Guarding London’s Israeli Embassy


Marist Poll For 2008 Candidates

The Newest Michael Steele Ad: Taking Out The Trash

‘Disgusted’ Jeb Bush: Joe Negron Can Win Foley’s House Seat


Robert Novak: The Current Political Outlook (Dems Gain 12 In The House, Gain 3 In The Senate, & Gain 3 Governorships)

Ann Coulter: Who Knew Congressman Foley Was A Closeted Democrat? (Awesome)

Andy McCarthy: 20-20 Hindsight

Michelle Malkin: It’s The Predation, Stupid

Foley Won’t Depress GOP Turnout


R.W. Apple Jr. Dies (RIP)

Stock Market At All-Time High, But….

Those IMs Aren’t As Private As You Think

Original Photo For Michelle Bikini Photoshop Located

Spaniards Tone Down Exploding Mohammed At Fiestas

Jackals Attack Indian Village Injuring 35

Humor: Left Seeks “Conversion Camps” To Change Gays’ Orientation

Website Of The Day: Lucianne

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