Daily News For Oct 9, 2006


North Korea Claims To Have Conducted Nuclear Test

South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon, Set To Be Formally Endorsed As UN Chief Kofi Annan’s Successor Monday

Opec Chief Calls For Immediate Output Cut

Outspoken Putin Critic Shot Dead In Moscow

Several Hundred Iraqi Police Poisoned

20 Militiamen Killed In Clashes In Southern Iraq


A Page Says The Then-Congressman Eyed Males In The Program. He Says He Was 21 When He And The Florida Republican Had Sex

Evangelicals Blame Foley, Not Republican Party (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Lawmaker Saw Foley Messages In 2000. Page Notified GOP Rep. Kolbe (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Illegal Immigrants Sue Wendy’s

Investigation Shows FEMA Spent Millions On Puppet Shows, Bingo, Yoga

Jeb Bush Chased Into A Supply Closet By Protestors


Gallup: 66% Not Ready For A Mormon President. 61% Said The US Is Ready For A Woman As President.

NRCC Spends Nearly $8 Million In One Day On Tight Race

George Allen Stock Problems Kerfluffle


Mark Steyn: Page Scandal Makes America Look Silly

Byron York: Fear and Loathing In the GOP (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Duncan Currie: Is Foley’s Seat Really Lost?

The Wall Street Journal: Maliki’s Moment

Michael Barone: A Democratic House?


ABC Takes Karr Back To The Schoolhouse

Attack Of The Flying Killer Robot Insects

Unhinged Anti-Bush/Cheney Painting

Website Of The Day: Moxie

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