Daily News For October 11, 2006


The United States Has Detected No Seismic Activity Indicating A Second North Korean Nuclear Test

Asia Weighs Risk Of Sanctions. North Korea’s Neighbors Fear Pressure May Breed Regional Chaos

Al-Qaida Escapee From U.S. Prison Urges Followers In New Video To Go Nuclear

In Iraq, Contractor Deaths Near 650, Legal Fog Thickens

Saddam Expelled From Court As Punch Thrown

Across Europe, Worries On Islam Spread To Center (Free New York Times Reg Req)


Speaker Hastert: Anyone Hiding Page Issue Leaves

ABC’s Source For The Foley Instant Messages Was A Former Page And Democratic College Student Who Had Foley’s IM’s For Months Before He Came Forward. He, “Conceded That He Would Like To See The Democrats Seize Control Of The House In November.” (A Former Republican Page Also Told Them They Existed)

Legalization For Aliens A ‘Must,’ Bush Announces

Video: Arizona 9/11 Memorial Designers Wanted To Commemorate Hijackers

U.S. Says Blacks In Mississippi Suppress White Vote (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Harvard Study Paints Bleak Picture Of Ethnic Diversity


Foreign Money Ready for Hillary in ’08

Video Ad: The David Zucker Albright Ad

Video Ad: Airport Security


David Limbaugh: Don’t Fall For The Propaganda

David Frum: Mutually Assured Disruption (Free New York Times Reg Req)

John Stossel: McDonald’s Didn’t Make Them Fat

Thomas Sowell: Frivolous Politics


Israel: 4 Senior Physicians Arrested For Illegal Experiments On Elderly Patients

Croatian Fans Make Human Swastika At Soccer Game

Mexico City: Four Die In Armed Brawl Over A Pothole

A Bulgarian Woman Who Killed Her Son Was Released From Prison Because Of Terminal Cancer. She Then Went Home And Killed Her Husband

Humor: Bin Laden’s Mother Worried Sick

Website Of The Day: CAIR Watch

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