Daily News For October 12, 2005

Harriet Miers

Laura Bush: Harry Miers Critics Possibly Sexist. Only 54 Percent Of Conservatives Currently Favor Confirmation

Gop Aides Join Resistance Over Miers Nomination (NYT Reg Req)

Dobson Reveals ‘Privy’ Miers Info

Jonah Goldberg Predicts The Nomination Of Harriet Miers Will Be Withdrawn


Terror Suspect Confesses to Bush Plot

Claim: N.Y. Subway Threat Tip A Hoax

DeLay Lawyers Subpoena District Attorney Ronnie Earle

Libby Did Not Tell Grand Jury About Key Conversation

New Orleans Is Dry

Rathergate. Threatened To Take Memos To The Times; Later Admits He Had His Doubts All Along

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Iraqis Reach Deal on the Constitution

Insurgents Launched A New Salvo Of Attacks Five Days Ahead Of A Crucial Constitutional Referendum, Killing At Least 18 Iraqis And A U.S. Soldier

Claim: Elite Troops From Iran Accused Of Training Iraqi Bombers To Kill British Soldiers

Israeli Ambassador To U.S.: Syria Is Sheltering 10 Or 11 Terror Groups

Zawahiri’s Advice


Rich Lowry: The Case For Miers Is A Mess

John Podhoretz: Why Right Balks At W’s Miers Talk

Ed Morissey: So Laura Bush Thinks We’re Sexist For Opposing Miers

Edward Morrissey: The White House Isn’t Saying Much About Harriet Miers

Jonah Goldberg: The Disappointing Arguments Of The Pro-Miers Nomination Camp

Jonah Goldberg: In (Qualified) Defense of Cronyism

David Frum: The Miers Revolution

Fox Video: Laura Ingraham On Miers

Charles Murray: The Inequality Taboo. It’s Time To Start Talking About Differences Between Groups Of People


Hugo Chavez: Capitalism Caused Quakes

Smurf Down! Smurf Down!

Humor: The Smoking Gun That Will Kill The Miers Nomination

Website Of The Day: Harriet Miers’s Blog!!! =D

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