Daily News For October 12, 2006


Harry Reid Got $1.1m In Questionable Sweetheart Land Sale

President Bush Reaffirms Support For A Fence On The Mexican Border

Lidle Dies After Plane Crashes Into NYC High-Rise

Twenty-Nine Republican Members Of Congress Have Sent A Letter To Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice Asking Her To Deny The Extradition Of Bounty Hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman To Mexico (Applause)

GOP Leaders Seek Probe of Berger Papers


General: Iran Sending Millions To Iraq’s Mahdi Fighters (We Should Bomb Iran For This)

France: Claimed N.Korea Nuke Test Failed

Japan Is Set To Ban North Korean Ships

U.S. Indicts American In Al-Qaida Video For Treason (Applause)

“This Figure, Which In Reality Has No Basis, Is Exaggerated,” Said Iraqi Government Spokesman Ali Debbagh About The Report That Claimed 655,000 Iraqis Had Died

Army Is Capable Of Keeping The Same Troop Level In Iraq Through 2010 If They’re Needed. Chief Of Staff Prepares For Steady Presence, But Says Not To Read Too Much Into Planning


Laura Bush Has Raised Nearly $14 Million For Republican Candidates For The Nov. 7 Election

Florida 16th DC – GOP Not Conceding Foley Seat

Fraud Alleged In St. Louis Voter Sign-Up


Ann Coulter: Bill Clinton’s New Glow Job

Jonah Goldberg: The Magnifying Trick Of Liberal Paranoia

Robert Novak: Pork Defense

Victor Davis Hanson: The Pseudo-Histories Of The Iraq War


Mexico To Yahoo: Not On Our Pyramid!

Woman Who Lied About Rape Gets Prison

Humor: Suspended Tackle Albert Haynesworth: ‘I Just Wanted To Make Sure The Guy Was Dead’

Humor: Democrat’s to Our Nation’s Enemies: Fear Us!

Website Of The Day: Hugh Hewitt

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