Daily News For October 13, 2005

Harriet Miers

*** Sign The National Review Petition For The Withdrawal Of The Nomination Of Harriet Miers To The U.S. Supreme Court ***

Ken Mehlman On Blogger Conference Call: Miers May Have To Recuse Herself From Some War On Terror Related Cases

White House: Two High Court Candidates Withdrew

Miers To Face Hostile Queries From Both Sides Of Aisle

Miers Foes See Law Questions As Way To Derail Nomination. Groups Aim To Make Her Seem Unqualified.

Pat Robertson Threatens Right Critics Of Miers

Concerned Women For America Declines To Endorse Miers

Bush-Miers Texas Correspondence Reveals Mutual Admiration Society

Were Winners Cheated On Miers’ Watch At The Texas Lottery?

Evangelicals, Gambling, & Miers

Vote In The Instapundit Miers Poll


Tom DeLay: “We Lost Sight On Spending, And For That I Apologize.”

President George W. Bush’s Job Approval Rating Has Fallen To A New Low Of 39 Percent In An NBC News / Wall Street Journal Poll

Bush Panel May Curb Tax Breaks For Homeowners, Health

Gore Not Running For President. Accuses US Of “Routinely Torturing People.”

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Syria’s Interior Minister, Who Effectively Controlled Lebanon For Two Decades, Was Found Dead In His Office Wednesday, Days Before The Release Of A U.N. Report That Could Implicate High-Ranking Officials In The Murder Of Lebanon’s Former Prime Minister

Bush Demands Syria Be ‘Good Neighbor’

Alleged Al Qaeda Militia Leader Calls For Islamic Rule In Somalia


Richard Brookhiser: The Modest Abilities Of Harriet Miers

John Fund: How She Slipped Through. Harriet Miers’s Nomination Resulted From A Failed Vetting Process

Peggy Noonan: Fasten Your Beltway. It’s Going To Be A Bumpy Ride

Ann Coulter: Does This Law Degree Make My Resume Look Fat?

Bob Barr: President Ought To Take Mulligan On Miers Pick

Mac Johnson: Are Conservatives the Black Voters of the Republican Party?


The Waning Influence Of The New York Times

Cartoon: The Miers Nomination Is Only A Flesh Wound

Ken Lammers For The Scotus: Because The Supreme Court Is Not Just For Intellectual Giants Anymore

Website Of The Day: Stop Miers Now!

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