Daily News For October 14, 2005

Harriet Miers

Robert Bork Says Miers Should Be Withdrawn

Hidden Testimony Reignites Miers Fires

Asked If There Were Any Circumstances Under Which (Miers) Would Ask That Her Name Be Withdrawn, Presidential Spokesman Scott Mcclellan Told Reporters: “No One That Knows Her Would Make Such A Suggestion.”

Window Into Miers’ Legal Thinking In The 1990s Reflects A Glint Of Liberalism (Free LA Times Reg Req)

WSJ Poll: After Roberts Nomination: 65% Said He Was Qualified For The Supreme Court And 10% Said He Wasn’t. With Harriet Miers: 29% Say She Is Qualified And 24% Say She Isn’t

Wall Street Journal / NBC News poll: 27% Support Miers Nomination Vs. 21% Oppose Vs. 51% No Opinion

James Carville Sees Miers Withdrawing

More On The Miers Testimony From James Taranto

Miers Praised Federalist Society In Speech (So What? She’s A Republican, She’s Supposed To Do That)

Tradesports: The Miers Trendline. Down, Down, Down


Was Bush Teleconference with Soldiers in Iraq Scripted?

More Than 9,000 Mobile Homes And Campers Meant For The Victims Of Hurricane Katrina Are Sitting Unused At Government Staging Areas While Displaced Families Continue To Live Out Of Tents And Shelters

‘Giddy Dems’ Point to Bush’s Sinking Poll Numbers

Tab For Evacuees’ Hotel Rooms: $11 Million A Day

Prosecutor Subpoenas DeLay Phone Records

Scott McClellan Says Helen Thomas Opposes ‘Broader War on Terrorism’ (Seems Like A Fair Statement To Me)

Bomb, Not Katrina, Broke Dikes. Red Cross “Too White”: Farrakhan

US Soldier Fires On Fellow Troops (No Details On His Name, Beef, Or Religion)

Al Franken’s Radio Partner Splits

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Chechen Terrorists Murder 85 In Russia

India’s First Female Bomber Strikes

Iraq Steps Up Security Ahead Of Historic Vote

Egypt Taking Charge Of Palestinian Authority (Fascinating)

Al Qaeda Claims Letter Is a U.S. Fake


Pat Buchanan: ‘Sexism’ And The First Family

Michael Graham: Stop Miers Now!

Jonah Goldberg: Harriet Battiness Takes The Beltway!

Bill Bennett: I Have Been Slandered, Defamed, Misrepresented And Libeled

Ryan Chittum And Joe Hagan: Student’s Suicide Sets Off Explosion Of Theories By Blogs


Log Cabin Republican Leader Dodges Pie (Ridiculous)

Town Official Refuses To Remove God Bless America Signs (Applause)

59 Year Old Sylvester Stallone Prepares For Rocky VI

A Moonbat Gets A Nobel Prize

Video: The Conservative Ice Age Over Miers

Website Of The Day: Daily Pundit

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