Daily News For October 18, 2005

Harriet Miers

Specter, White House At Odds On Her Position On Privacy Case

Right Ups Ante On Miers

Mitt Romney On Miers: “With Regards To The Miers Nomination, I Think A Lot Of People, Myself Included, Are Disappointed In Many Respects, Not Despondent Of Course, But Disappointed”

Charles Schumer On His Meeting With Miers: “I Didn’t Learn Answers To So Many Important Questions. On Many, She Wouldn’t Give Answers, And On Many Others, She Deferred, Saying, ‘I Need To Sort Of Bone Up On This A Little More.'”

Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE), On Supreme Court Nominations: “We Want An Elite Group Of Individuals. I’m Not So Sure I Want My Next-Door Neighbor, As Much As I Like Him Or Her, To Be On The Supreme Court Because They’re Nice People.”

CNN / USA Today / Gallup: 36% Of Americans Think The Miers Nomination Should Be Withdrawn Vs. 46% Opposed to Withdrawal — 31% Viewed Miers Favorably, 26% Unfavorably

Miers Poll Numbers Among Conservatives Are Continuing To Slide

Grass-Roots Conservatives Widen Rift With Bush

The Conservative Machine’s Unexpected Turn

Miers’ Firm Busted 3 Times For Aiding Investment Cheats. Federal Probe Opened In Law Group’s Blessing Of Ernst & Young Tax Shelter

Miers’ Mind A Mystery – Except Toward Bush


House GOP Leaders Set To Cut Spending. Leadership Shake-Up Spurred Policy Shift (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Claim: Cheney May Be Entangled In CIA Leak Investigation

DeLay Offered Deal Before Indictment

CNN / USA Today / Gallup Poll: Bush Approval 39% — Disapproval 58% — Approval Down 6 % Since September. Only 62% Of Self-Decribed Conservatives Currently Approve Of Bush’s Performance

Journalism community turns on Times, Miller (They’re Just Mad That She Didn’t Stick It To Libby)

Kennedy Tries Water Rescue. Massachusetts Senator Attempts, Then Abandons Effort To Help Men

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Iraqis Probe ‘Unusually High’ Yes Tally. None Of The Provinces Involved Are Majority Sunni. (Free NYT Reg Req)

Rumsfeld On South Korea: “It’s Been 50-Plus Years Since The War Ended. It Is Time For The Republic Of Korea To Assume A Larger Role And Responsibility” For Its Own Defense


Stuart Taylor: Does Miers Have What It Takes To Excel On the Bench?

Jan LaRue: Why Concerned Women for America Cannot Support The Miers Nomination At This Time

David Bernstein: Harriet Miers Is The Anti-Janice Rogers Brown

Bruce Bartlett: From The Conservative Point Of View, The List Of Grievances Is A Long One

Brendan Miniter: Gop Spending Hawks Are Respectable Again. But Will They Get Anything Done?

Rebecca Hagelin: Mike Pence’s Fight To Cut Spending

Mark Steyn: Sometimes It’s Worth Going To War


The Associated Press On Karl Rove’s Garage? What?

Noam Chomsky Has Been Voted The World’s No 1 Living Intellectual. (Gag)

Memphis, TN Drug Dealer Arrested After Hanging Sign On His Door That Says “Crack House”

Pirro Hits Up Hillary Clinton For Money To Battle Hillary Clinton =D

The Blogosphere Is Now Over 30 Times As Big As It Was 3 Years Ago

Website Of The Day: Confirm Them

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