Daily News For October 20, 2006


Report: N. Korean Leader Regrets Test

Iran’s Ahmadinejad: Israel ‘Cannot Survive’

OPEC Cuts Oil Production By 1.2m Barrels


NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll: Only 16 Percent Of Respondents Approve Of The Job Congress Is Doing, The Lowest Level Since 1992

Dow Tops 12,000

House Intelligence Chairman Peter Hoekstra Has Suspended A Democratic Staff Member Because Of Concerns He May Have Leaked A High-Level Intelligence Assessment To The New York Times Last Month

Immigrants In The United States Will Send $45.3 Billion To Relatives Living Across Latin America This Year

Priest Denies Having Sex With Foley


Survey USA: Tom Reynolds 49% Vs. Jack Davis 46% (A Lost Seat May Be Back To 50/50)

Orange County Republican Leaders On Thursday Called For The Withdrawal Of A Gop Congressional Candidate They Believe Sent A Letter Threatening Hispanic Immigrant Voters With Arrest

The Latest Bob Corker Ad: Memphis Man On The Street

GOP Ad: The Stakes

RNC Reports Record-Breaking Fundraising

Dems Close Fundraising Gap With GOP


Human Events Interview With Bob Corker

Victor Davis Hanson: Liberals Gone Wild!

Rocco DiPippo: The Coming Impeachment

Hugh Hewitt: Now Is Not The Time For Doom And Gloom


O.J. Simpson To Confess — Hypothetically

Sports Illustrated’s 21 Biggest Brawls Of All Time

A Superhero Suit for Athletes

Website Of The Day: The Conservative Forum At Hot Soup

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