Daily News For October 23, 2006


U.S. To Hand Iraq A New Timetable On Security Role (Free New York Times Reg Req)

A Senior U.S. Diplomat, Alberto Fernandez, Said The United States Had Shown “Arrogance” And “Stupidity” In Iraq (He Should Be Immediately Fired)

U.S. Sees Deadliest Month Of ’06 In Iraq

Britain: Police In Manchester Have Been Told Not To Arrest Muslims Wanted On Warrants At Prayer Times During Ramadan.

Germany’s Schroeder: Bush’s Faith ‘Bothered Me’

We Are Biased, Admit The Stars of BBC News


NYTimes Editor Now Admits: We Were Wrong To Blab

Duncan Hunter Asks Pentagon to Remove Embedded CNN Reporters

Democrats Squabble Over Who Gets Committee Chairmanships If And When They Take-Over (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Antonin Scalia: “The Court Could Have Said, ‘No, Thank You.’ The Court Have Said, You Know, ‘There Is Nothing In The Constitution On The Abortion Issue For Either Side.’


Barron’s Analysis: GOP Holds Congress

Sen. Obama Says He’s Weighing 2008 Run

Shocker: Unknown Republican Eric Dickerson Ahead Of Incumbent Democrat In Indiana District 7

Ned Lamont Pumps $2 Million More Into Campaign


Jeff Jacoby: If We Had Known Then…

Mark Steyn: Fear Of Too Many Babies Is Hard To Bear

James Lileks: Ignore the Downsiders — Population Growth Is Necessary and Good

Debra Saunders: No Force Border Enforcement


Numbering The Blogosphere’s Arguments

Michigan: Muslim Woman Refuses To Remove Her Veil In Court, So Judge Tosses Case

The Latest Atlas Shrugs Vlog

Eric Dickerson: Republican Candidate For The 7th Congressional District

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