Daily News For October 24, 2005

Harriet Miers

Miers Backed Race, Sex Quotas. She Made Diversity A Texas Bar Goal. (Gag — Free WAPO Reg Req)

Insiders See Hint Of Miers Pullout

Claim: Some Republican Senators In The Judiciary Committee Are Planning To Vote Against Miers

Miers Failed To Mention Ethical Concerns In Sweetheart Land Deal

Miers’ Answer Raises Questions. Legal Experts Find A Misuse Of Terms In Her Senate Questionnaire ‘Terrible’ And ‘Shocking.’ (Free LA Times Reg Req)

Charles Schumer: Senate Would Reject Harriet Miers If Her Vote Were Held Today

Latest Survey USA Polling: Harriet Miers 32% Favorable Vs. 24% Unfavorable

Claim: Miers Was Player In Texas Lottery Coverup

Current Tradesports Numbers: Only 28% Chance That Miers Will Be Confirmed To The Supreme Court


Lawyers In CIA-Leak Case Say Charges Possible This Week

New York Times Editor Bill Keller Says He Missed Alarm Bells About Judith Miller

Gas Prices Drop More Than 25 Cents A Gallon Over The Last Two Weeks

Howard Dean: “I’m Tired Of The Ayatollahs Of The Right Wing.”

Journalist Who Filmed Burning Taliban Bodies Suggests Media Got It All Wrong

Ohio County Mounts Drive To Oust Illegal Immigrants. Program Touted As First Of Its Kind In The Country

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


UN Office Doctored Report On Murder Of Hariri

Somalia Needs Help With Pirates


George Will: Defending The Indefensible (Free WAPO Reg Req)

John Fund: Lessons The White House Should Learn From The Miers Debacle

Ann Althouse: I Oppose The Miers Nomination

Larry Kudlow: Economic Policy Gone Adrift

Jack Kelly: Saddam Hussein’s Trial Marks A Good Week For Iraq


A Vancouver Lawyer Has Won A Procedural Victory In Her Attempt To Prosecute U.S. President George W. Bush Under The Canadian Criminal Code.

Young Singers Spread Hate. Considered The Olsen Twins Of The White Nationalist Movement

Website Of The Day: How Appealing

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