Daily News For October 24, 2006


Bush Admin. Won’t Shift Iraq Strategy

Don’t Panic, Iraq Tells U.S. And UK

Senior U.S. Government Officials And Military Officers Have Suggested That Iraqi Insurgents Are Trying To Influence The U.S. Midterm Elections

China Not Optimistic About Resuming Six-Party Talks

N Korea Food Shortages ‘Critical’

Somalia Stand-Off Worsens


Fence Bill Heads To White House For Signature

A Federal Judge Ordered The New York Times To Disclose A Columnist’s Confidential Sources As Part Of A Libel Lawsuit Filed Over The Newspaper’s Coverage Of The 2001 Anthrax Attacks

Mexico Drafts Resolution Criticizing Border Fence At UN Human Rights Council

Ford Posts Biggest Loss In 14 Years

Chicago Voter Database, Not Electronic Voting Machines, Hacked By Group

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Independent Voters Favor Democrats by 2 to 1 in Poll (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Opponent Denies Calling Hillary Clinton Ugly

If Dems Take Senate, Republicans Will Oppose President Says Biden

Libertarian Druggie Candidate In Alabama Campaigns On Cleavage

More Lavender Mob McCarthyism


Mark Steyn: The World We Know Is Ending

Thomas Sowell: Blank Check From America? Beyond Hawks And Doves

David Klinghoffer: Savaged. A Radio-Talk-Show Host Pulls A Fast One On Fans?

Diana Irey: Jack Murtha Is On The Run Back Home


Men Who Use Mobile Phones Face Increased Risk Of Infertility

A Sailor Pleaded Guilty Monday To Abducting And Killing A Marine Corporal He Thought Had Been Involved In A Gang Rape. The Rape Turned Out To Be A Lie, But The Truth Surfaced Too Late

Website Of The Day: American Snipers

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