Daily News For October 26, 2006


Out Of Control Activist Judges In New Jersey Give Lawmakers 180 Days To Rewrite Marriage Laws To Either Include Same-Sex Couples Or Create A New System Of Civil Unions For Them (Outrageous!)

James Dobson Slams N.J. Court Ruling

George Bush: “I Know Many Americans Are Not Satisfied With The Situation” There. I’m Not Satisfied Either….We’re Winning And We Will Win, Unless We Leave Before The Job Is Done.”

Another Record High For The Dow

HRC Fires Staffer Who Orchestrated Foley Scandal. Statement Raises More Questions About HRC’s Involvement

Private Groups in Talks to Buy Clear Channel


US Insists Iraq Disband Mehdi Army Militia

An Angry Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki Disavowed A Joint U.S.-Iraqi Raid In The Capital’s Sadr City Slum Wednesday, And Criticized The Top U.S. Military And Diplomatic Representatives In Iraq For Saying His Government Needs To Set A Timetable To Curb Violence In The Country.

Israeli Warplanes In ‘Incident’ With German Ship Off Lebanon


Forcing President Bush To Consider A Withdrawal From Iraq “Sooner Rather Than Later” Will Be The Goal Of Democrats After The Upcoming Election, Regardless Of Which Party Controls Congress, Sen. Carl Levin, D-Detroit

Gop Sees Hope In Michigan Race

Federal Authorities In Arizona Have Opened An Inquiry Into Whether Representative Rick Renzi Introduced Legislation That Benefited A Military Contractor That Employs His Father, Law Enforcement Officials Said Tuesday (The Leak Is A Sleazy Election Tactic)

Bogus Voter-Address Changes In St. Louis Tied To Liberal ACORN Group


Robert Novak Analysis: 41 Republican Seats In The House Are At Toss-Up Or Worse

Phil Brennan: Ten Good Reasons To Vote GOP

Stephen Spruiell: The Washington Post vs. George Allen

Michael Barone: An Interview With President Bush

Byron York: Bush On Iraq — “if We Can’t Win, I’ll Pull Us Out.”
The President Talks Candidly To A Group Of Conservative Journalists.

Hugh Hewitt Interviews Mark Steyn About His New Book

Eugene Volokh: Gay Rights Laws, Slippery Slopes, And A Constitutional Right To Same-Sex Civil Unions

Ann Coulter: Dems’ Favorite Halloween Costume: Patriot

Chuck Norris: The Real Facts


Celebs Who Claim They’re Green But Guzzle Gas

The World’s First Full Face Transplant Is To Be Carried Out In London

Transgender Men Can Now Legally Use Women’s Rest Rooms In New York’s Transit System (Gross!)

Vlog: Halloween HamNation: Who’s Acting Scared?

Humor: Outrage Over YouTube.com ‘Michael J. Embryo’ Ad

Website Of The Day: The Rightometer (I Love This)

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