Daily News For October 3, 2005


At Least 24 People, Including One Australian, Have Been Killed In Explosions In The Popular Indonesian Resort Island Of Bali

U.S. Eyes New Steps Against Syria

Generals Are Upbeat On Iraq (Free WAPO Reg Req)

The U.S. Military Said On Sunday It Had No Reason To Believe A Militant Group’s Claim To Have Seized Two Marines During Fighting In Iraq

EU Wants Shared Control Of Internet (No Way)


Apparent Suicide Bomb Kills One Outside OU Stadium

New Orleans Pumping Could End by Midweek

Stumbling Storm-Aid Effort For Katrina Put Tons of Ice on Trips to Nowhere (Free NYT Reg Req)

Walter Cronkite Says Americans Are Ignorant

New York Times Run 4th Correction Of The Same Krugman Column

Trending: The 15 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet


Mark Steyn: Media Deserve Blame For New Orleans Debacle

John Fund: The GOP Could Lose In ’06

Nick Schulz: Bill Bennett’s Reality-Based Defenders

The Prowler: The Frist Stock Sale — A Clearcut Case Of Nothing

Charles Murray: The Poverty Katrina Underscored Is Primarily Moral, Not Material


Marriage On The Rocks In Britain

Dogs Used As Shark Bait By The French (With One Of The Most Horrible Pics I’ve Ever Seen)

Boeing and Bell Apologize To CAIR For Awesome Ad Featuring Their CV-22

Some Classy Quotes From The Left’s Version Of Glenn Reynolds, Atrios

Donald Sutherland Unhinged: Bush “Will Destroy Our Lives!”

Website Of The Day: It’s Gonna Go!

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