Daily News For October 30, 2006


Shocker In Tom DeLay’s Old District, The Dem’s #1 Pick-Up Opportunity: Shelley Sekula-Gibbs (R) 35% Vs. Nick Lampson (D) 36%

Harold Ford: “Republicans Fear The Lord; He Said Democrats Fear And Love The Lord.”

Webb Defends Novels Against Attacks (Free WAPO Reg Req)

U.S. Investigates Voting Machines’ Venezuela Ties (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Rep. Duncan Hunter Mulls White House Run


Saddam Trial Verdict May Be Delayed Again

Pakistan Destroys Al-Qaida-Linked Site

Swedes Think US ‘Greatest Threat To Peace’

France Sends Riot Police To Marseille


Duke: Prosecutor Yet To Interview Rape Accuser

‘Star Wars’ Becomes Reality As US Unveils Laser-Equipped 747

Thirty Percent Of State Candidates Running Unopposed


Jeff Jacoby: The Race Card An Insult To Candidates And Voters

Mark Steyn: Only Choice On War Is To Win Or Lose It

Robert Novak: Who Obama Hurts

Harry Jackson: Why the Liberal Media Voted Early


Racist Radio Host Hal Turner: Assassinate Half Of Congress, Urges Web-Radio Hatemonger ‘If You Re-Elect People Who Have Committed These Wrongs Against Us … Then We May Have To Simply Kill Them!’

Claim: Irwin’s Widow ‘Devastated’ By South Park Parody

Game: The Brain Game (23 Seconds Was My Best)

Website Of The Day: Predict06

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