Daily News For October 31, 2005


Bush Expected To Announce Supreme Court Pick Monday

Libby Lawyer Outlines Defense In Leak Case

Matt Cooper: What Scooter Libby And I Talked About

Prosecutor Plans On Calling Cheney As Witness In Open Court; Executive Privilege Fight Looms


Bombs Kill More Than 40 In Indian Capital

Blair Hints At Military Action After Iran’s ‘Disgraceful’ Taunt

Iran Says It Has No Intention To Attack Israel Despite A Call By Its President To Have It “Wiped Off The Map (Yeah, Right)

Iran Rejects Derision of Leader’s Remarks

Vatican Ready To Dump Taiwan

Prince Charles To Plead Islam’s Cause To Bush (Bizarre)

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Mark Steyn: Don’t Expect A Joyride From Scooter, Dems

Mark Steyn: Russia Is Dying And Islamists Will Grab Parts Of The Carcass

Mark Steyn: William Bennett And The Perfect Phony Storm

The Washington Times: Slurs Against Michael Steele

John Fund: Internet Rules. The Miers Denoument Shows The Power Of The New Media


Polipundit’s Readers Select Their Favorite Judicial Nominees

Hugo Chavez: Halloween Part Of U.S. Culture Of Terror

Since 1977, Governments Collected More Than Twice The Amount Of Domestic Profits Earned By Major U.S. Oil Companies During The Same Period

Humor: Bush Drowns Three Children In San Francisco

Website Of The Day: The Indepundit

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