Daily News For October 31, 2006


Bush Hits Hard at Gay Marriage

John Kerry: “you Know, Education, If You Make The Most Of It, If You Study Hard And You Do Your Homework, And You Make An Effort To Be Smart, Uh, You, You Can Do Well. If You Don’t, You Get Stuck In Iraq.”

The Duke Rape Case: A “Technicality”


Strategic Vision Poll: Menendez 43% Vs. Kean 42%

Poll: Allen May Be In Trouble

Republicans See Edge From Early Voting

Be Vernon Robinson’s Campaign Manager For A Day

Democrats Are Seen to Gain in Statehouse Races (Free New York Times Reg Req)

Left Publicizes Facebook Pic Of Corker’s Daughter Kissing A Girl


Zawahiri Was Target In U.S. Attack On Religious School In Pakistan

Scores Killed In Iraq, Including 26 In One Bombing

Iraq Violence Linked to Election

In Baghdad, a Force Under the Militias’ Sway (Free WAPO Reg Req)

U.N. Proposes Changes To Net’s Operation (They Can Shove It)


William Beutler: Stabbing Eastward: Lamont, The Netroots And Barack Obama

James Lileks: The First 100 Days If Democrats Win

Fred Barnes: The Blowout Belt

Thomas Sowell: The Cast Of Characters

Michael Barone: The Story Behind the Polls

Oliver North: Vietnam and Iraq — Myth vs. Reality


“Death Of A President” Flops At U.S. Box Office

Video: My Buddy Mary Katharine Ham Does Larry King Live

Humor: Indiana Jones Has His Tenure Denied

Website Of The Day: Project Valour IT

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